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The eDrive system also lets you switch between three driving modes. Specifically designed for enhanced range, this mode limits the top speed and powers down energy draining systems to increase the possible range by up to 25 miles. By adding a nine litre tank of unleaded petrol, the BMW i3 is given a range between miles. The flat floor makes the four-seat interior of the BMW i3 more spacious and comfortable, whilst the almost-silent drive creates a calm, relaxed and refined atmosphere. For the ultimate in simplicity, the gearstick has even been replaced by a lever, mounted on the steering column, which features a rotary button displaying the direction of the vehicle.

To shift into reverse is simply a process of setting the button to the rear. The commitment to environmental responsibility is reflected in the choice of interior materials.

BMW I3 Business Car Lease Deals

KENAF fibres, naturally-tanned leather and a prevalence of recycled materials achieve sustainability whilst making no compromises on style. The BMW i3 can be enhanced with a series of technology packages designed to make life easier. The Driving Assistant Plus pack uses innovative camera and radar systems to keep you safe and in control at all times, whilst the Park Assist package uses a number of advanced systems to remove the stress and uncertainty from parking.

The Navigation system features a dynamic Range Map, clearly displaying the maximum distance the BMW i3 can achieve in all directions from your current location. Exempt from road tax and unbeaten on running costs, electric vehicles like the BMW i3 are supremely cost-effective choices. But you can make things even more convenient and affordable should you choose to lease instead of buy.

When you lease a BMW i3 from Nationwide Vehicle Contracts, you can look forward to a lower initial deposit, flexible mileage terms and contract durations, fixed monthly payments and inclusive breakdown recovery. Leasing from Nationwide was quick and easy, as was the delivery of the car. I absolutely love the car and Nationwide was one of the cheapest suppliers on the market. We waited well over the anticipated time frame for the car and the date was pushed back a few times meaning that we only got the car weeks after we expected to get it.

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Personal contract hire BMW i3 Hatchback cars

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