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Indeed, this sleek and sexy PC is manufactured with aircraft grade aluminium and features customizable LED detailing. And it provides amazing streaming, 4K and VR experiences. Despite being pretty heavy almost 25 pounds , the footprint size is very reasonable, and there is a nice selection of ports on the back. After [an] initial rocky start and concerns, everything has been smooth sailing with this Corsair ONE, and I'm very pleased with my purchase.

Best Design.

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Image: ibuypower. We realize this might be an odd comment to make about a computer. But the iBuyPower Snowblind is likely to turn heads. Even better, you can use the panel to monitor the performance of your PC and show off animated wallpaper. The display connects to your graphics card via DVI and therefore can almost function as a second monitor. Fortunately, the PC itself is great for your gaming needs.

What more could you want really? Best Value. CyberpowerPC Gamer Xtreme Runs great right out of the gate but can also be upgraded at a future date. Processor Speed: 2. This fantastic computer can easily run any mainstream game you like — and at high settings to boot.

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I am so happy to be able to write a positive review for this PC as it has so far met all my expectations. I will do my best to cover possible doubts about it, specially Warcraft related. Whatever people say about WoWs low requirements, you know this has changed. Best Portability. Image: lenovo. Have you always dreamed of taking your gaming on the road but dreaded the idea of dragging around a cumbersome desktop?

Well, Lenovo has the answer to your gaming prayers. A mere 24 pounds and replete with an integrated carrying handle, the C can easily be moved across the room or the country. Best for the New Gamer. Processor Speed: 3. Are you toying with the idea of getting into gaming? Well then, we have the PC for you! The Acer Aspire GX is a great machine for any novice. For starters, it has a fairly affordable price tag. Trust us — this really comes in handy as you familiarize yourself with all facets of gaming.

Finally, similar to the computers listed above, the GX can easily be upgraded in the future. You hear the fan at start-up for one second and then absolute quite. Unit is quick and quiet. Doesn't come with a lot of software you have to disable NortonGone! All-in-all, it's a nice little machine for the money and casual gamer!

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Best Budget Pick. Image: dell.

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If you have a keen need to game but a low balance in you bank account, fear not. The good folks at Dell have your back. Their Inspiron Gaming Desktop mixes a modest price tag with a smooth gaming experience. Importantly, the Inspiron is also configurable. Therefore, when you get some more coin, you can kick your rig up a notch if you so desire.

Dell customer Carter J. At first I thought the price was too good to be true.

The Dell Inspiron is an amazing gaming desktop if you ask me! It's fast, quiet and powerful. A true gaming experience for all new and veteran pc gamers. If you are on a budget and want something that'll not only get the job done but meet all your demands for quality and value then this is the pc for you.

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I made the right choice, now so can you. Best Graphics. If you want a high-powered machine that provides a wholly immersive experience, we recommend the CyberPowerPC Gamer Panzer. What a find! Amazon reviewer Mr. It worked absolutely perfectly right out of the box with no loose cables and was very well packed. Lots of ventilation and clean wiring plus water cooling and included lights in the case and on the keyboard to pick your favorite scheme. Boots super fast, no bloatware, includes the manual and driver CDs if you want them you'll need a USB optical drive if you do.

I paired it with a new expensive ViewSonic G-Sync monitor that has had no issues either or dead pixels. I can't wait to try VR soon. Only issue was a rattle at the exhaust fan for the liquid cooling one time, and that was resolved with a quick tap to the back of the case. Also, the display port cable was too short - you'll probably want to buy your own as most of the reviews say. I also had to wait a few weeks for these to be available after the iK chip came out.

Best upgradability. Playing Fortnite with full graphics is a beautiful thing! Believe the hype. Revenant on a crappy connection on my end.. Shadow lets me play on my phone during the most boring class lectures and it lets me wow my friends as they wonder how in the world im playing such good games on an older phone. It does work and very well! Loving our VM's in our house hold, no need to upgrade my PC going forward! My Fiance and I just kicked the crap out of Resident Evil 5.

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I accidentally shot her with a rocket launcher trying to hit Albert Wesker. Thanks guys! Shadow makes me happy because I feel like I can start my OverWatch career on there along with my game making career and host fortnite community nights for my Esports organization. I love having my computer beside me. Serenity is a huge part of who I am.

I built her myself. However I can't nor will I take her everywhere I go, I travel a lot. I want to game from anywhere on anything.