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It's on the description. Man, the things you can buy on Groupon.

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Where's that girl with the grown-out nails and the 5-karat diamond?! We gotta one up her. I didn't mean to be funny!

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It's just that, well, that's the price you can expect to pay for a high-quality ONE carat stone. I have a friend that was married now divorced and she had a 5 carat ring. She was afraid to wear it.

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She would only wear it on special nights out with her husband. That to me is such a waste. I don't think it's fake. I just think it's shitty.

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But some people would rather have something that doesn't sparkle than something small. I'd say a 6 you're looking at over For good quality at least Well, the price for diamonds is hugely inflated by de Beurs in any case. Not saying that this ring isn't shitty, but the value of a ring is still what we pay for it and not what it's actually worth. It's the full moon.

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That's my only explanation. It's my only explanation for why unrelated we also found a random motorcycle on our drive way this morning with the ignition drilled out that wasn't reported as stolen and apparently belonged to our neighbour. Log in Join now. Master October Saved Save. Here is a screen shot of the Groupon deal.

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At least one has been bought! Super May That is a car for your finger.

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Both in size and price. It's kind of odd for a Groupon deal. Devoted March Oh gosh! I'd be too scared to wear it anywhere!

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Master February That must be a shitty diamond at that price. VIP May PK, I just snorted at work. Master March Master November Super April Or a down payment on a house. VIP October Ring Size 4 4. View Deal.

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Purchase this ring for my wife it looks amazing on her finger what an awesome beautiful ring keeping relationship strong.. I was very worried at first about the quailty of the stone. I had thought it was somewhat dull at first. But after comparing it to others and the fake ones I am now very happy with this diamond.

It has plenty of sparkling reflective colors. The ring part is not that thick or big but works out fine. For the money I spent I am so far very happy. Just hope she says yes!!

Was pleasantly surprised when I opened this box up! I was not expecting a lot for the price. It was beyond gorgeous. The diamonds sparkled like crazy and they were a decent size. Beautiful ring.