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As unemployment rates stay high and more people lose insurance coverage, increasing numbers of patients are asking their physicians for cheaper alternative medications. Ocular allergy is very common, with a prevalence at least four times that of nasal allergy symptoms 1.

Symptoms can include itching, tearing, conjunctival edema, hyperemia, burning, and discharge. While effective, some patients are without insurance and simply cannot afford them. That said, some of the least expensive anti-allergy drops are available over the counter. In the majority of cases, these cost less than generic prescription medications. The question is: Do they work?

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In short, the answer is 'yes'. That said, not all over the counter drops are created equal and it is our duty as ophthalmologists to steer our patients in the right direction.

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There are well over a dozen over the counter anti-allergy drops, but they are mainly composed of one or two similar active ingredients. These will be discussed below:. By combining an antihistamine and a vasoconstrictor, patients can experience both increased ocular comfort as well as decreased redness. Its current labeling is to use one to two drops up to four times a day as needed. Multiple clinical studies have proved efficacy of this combination 2,3. Unfortunately, rebound hyperemia and chemosis are frequent.

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Furthermore, a reactive conjunctivitis can occur which may take months to resolve 4. Their safety profile is excellent and Alaway can be used in children as young as three years old.


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It has been found to be more effective in reducing itching and redness when compared to fluorometholone acetate in the treatment of seasonal allergic conjunctivitis 5. In a comparative study, 0. However, in a patient preference study on allergic conjunctivitis, patients preferred olopatadine drops to ketotifen drops, finding them more efficacious and comfortable 7. Since this study, Alcon has released olopatadine hydrochloride ophthalmic solution 0. Limitations apply. See Program Terms and Conditions below.

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